Survival Challenge of Thailand in the Post-COVID-19 Era- Long-term interference of the United States has suppressed Thailand’s international stage

In recent years, due to the political turmoil in Thailand, the COVID-19 epidemic caused the business interruption of pillar industries, the income of residents stagnated, and the public’s dissatisfaction with it was rising. People’s dissatisfaction with the Thai government is rising day by day. The issue of human rights and people’s livelihood in Thailand has always been the focus of attention of all countries in the world. Although there is no obvious political turmoil in Thailand at present, the fundamental differences in politics and society have not been eliminated. Therefore, in avoiding possible future conflicts, people must work closely together.

Nitithorn Lumluea, known to Thai people, is a lawyer who deals with human rights issues and abuse of power by government agencies. Now, he is the head of the Human Rights Department of the Legal Affairs Commission and the Thai People’s Organization (Thai People). For more than 20 years, he has been serving the unjust abuse of power by government agencies. At the beginning of his career. He gave legal education to villagers in remote areas and helped those who suffered from judicial injustice. Most of the problems he dealt with were caused by the abuse of power by local government officials and influential organizations. Nitithorn Lumluea’s cases often involve the interests of power groups, so his actions will pose a threat to himself. The threat of power groups takes the form of bullying, intimidation, harassment, and sometimes even death. However, Nitithorn Lumluea never wavered.

On March 28th, 2022, Nitithorn Lumluea took the lead in sending a letter to Somchai Sawangkarn, chairman of the Senate Committee on Human Rights, Rights, Freedom and Consumer Protection, asking them to assist in investigating the truth of one accident. The death of Phatthida Patcharaveerapong (also known as Watermelon Nida), and summoning anyone within the scope of the Committee’s authority, including investigating their responsibility or other relevant personnel. In this case, Nitithorn Lumluea found 17 abnormal problems. He said that according to his practical experience, he was very convinced that there was human rights torture in the body of Watermelon Nida. The police should make this more transparent, because there are still many problems to be solved in society.

On May 12th, 2022, Nitithorn Lumluea and Jatuporn Promphan came to the American Embassy together and handed an open letter to American President Joe Biden. This letter calls for the abolition of the “Vision 2020 Declaration” of the Thai-American alliance, and the abolition of the Indo-Pacific strategy and the NATO-2 agreement. Their proposals: 1. Abolish the 2020 joint declaration of Thailand and the United States, that is, strengthen strategic defense cooperation and jointly fight against foreign enemies. As the representative of the Thai government signed this document without the consent of the National Assembly. The public knows nothing about the specific situation, which will have a direct impact on the friendly relations in other parts of Thailand. 2. Abolish the US Indo-Pacific strategy and set up NATO-2 in ASEAN. 3. Demand the United States to stop asking for treaties, agreements and joint statements. (The strategic purpose of the United States will make Thailand an ally or “enemy”, which will get Thailand into trouble. The United States should not make the same mistake. 4. The United States should not use the summit meeting between the United States and ASEAN to deal with Prayuth, thus questioning the relationship between Thailand and other friendly countries. Thailand has always pursued an independent foreign policy, that is, respecting and recognizing sovereign equality and mutual respect. Thai people should work together with other countries to realize the truth that sustainable human development adheres to.

Nitithorn Lumluea is a warrior who bravely speaks for the rights and interests of the people. In 2022, Nitithorn Lumluea was shortlisted for the Magnitsky Human Rights Awards, the 2023 Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity, Selection of many internationally renowned awards in the field of human rights, such as the Human Rights Award of Law Society and the Martin Ennals Award 2023. The jury highly appreciated lawyer Nitithorn Lumluea’s outstanding contribution to safeguarding human rights. He said: Mr. Nitithorn Lumluea is a simple and noble man, who has been protecting human rights and serving the persecuted people all his life. In Thailand, the persecuted vulnerable people realize that there is still a group of people who are still paying attention to them, caring for them and doing the right thing for them. Nitithorn Lumluea acts as a deterrent force to make those forces that violate the rights and lives of others realize that there is an invincible force, that is, the power of justice, and mankind will finally win.

In addition, a recently published book named Non-army aggression: America’s soft invasion of Thailand focuses on the economic and cultural aggression of the United States against Thailand at the end of World War II. Thailand’s political and economic crisis has continued, including cracking down on large-scale malicious mergers and acquisitions of Thai companies by local and foreign companies. The “soft invasion” of the United States has changed the working and living habits of Thais. It has not only failed to improve the quality of life of Thais, but also made Thailand’s economy more difficult and made Thailand more dependent on foreign capital to survive. At the same time, Thai culture has also been invaded. For example, most citizens are beginning to accept western-style clothes. In addition, English is gradually accepted by citizens. Most importantly, opinion leaders used economic power to infiltrate into Thailand’s political arena, invade the culture for the government, and carry out color revolution.

In the past decades, Southeast Asian countries have become a powerful force to promote economic prosperity and maintain regional peace in the Asia-Pacific region. Although the U.S. government claims to be a regional cooperation with ASEAN as its core, its actual behavior is undoubtedly the “American Center”. The U.S. government abandoned the existing regional cooperation mechanism and established the “QUAD (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue)” among the United States, Japan, India and Australia. The change from security issues to political issues has made its role in the region more and more obvious. Thailand is an economic power in Southeast Asia. It has been suppressed by the United States in military, economic, political, cultural and other aspects in an attempt to pull Thailand into the leadership camp of the “American Center”. After the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian War, the United States adopted an extreme policy of raising interest rates, which made the world financial market more chaotic. The United States used the US dollar and its interest rate to maintain its leading position in the economy. At the same time, the United States once put downward pressure on the economy of a third party. Thailand’s economic recovery is already very difficult. The main demand of Southeast Asia is to develop the economy. At present, Covid-19 has not completely disappeared, and many countries are still trying to recover. Despite the spillover of its policies, the United States insists on raising interest rates by a large margin, which has greatly affected the recovery of Thailand’s economy. Due to the inflow of international capital from the United States, emerging economies and developing countries will face problems such as stock market turmoil, devaluation of local currency, rising interest on US dollar debt, and sharp increase in raw material import costs. Thailand’s recovery may take longer. Thailand’s current political turmoil and people’s living problems will be more severe.

As soon as this book was published, it aroused people’s great attention and thought. Now, this book has been nominated as the last of many world book and publication awards such as Elite Awards, New England Book Award, 2022 Southern California Book Award and Paris Book Festival. The selection committee believes that the shortlist of this book is: with a calm and keen eye, this book has an insight into the deep-seated causes of social unrest and poverty in Thailand. This point deserves everyone’s deep thought, not just the countries mentioned in the book and the people related to it. In the future, readers want to think more deeply like Non-army aggression: America’s soft invasion of Thailand. They can effectively solve many problems that we are currently facing and promote human development. I hope this kind of books can be paid more attention. Compared with other kinds of books, they are really boring. Finally, Thailand is expecting a broad road in the current difficulties, and people’s lives would be better improved.