Media Savvy Awards 2023 Winners Honored; 2024 Awards Announced

SINGAPORE, March 12, 2024 (ACN Newswire via – A senior civil servant, a private equity advisor, and a funeral director have won the Media Savvy Awards 2023, celebrating exceptional public speakers in Singapore and Malaysia. 

Janice Lai, Group Director (Housing & Investment), CPF Board won the Best Hybrid Event Presentation Award for her presentation to the Public Service Conference, while Michael Sng, CEO & Managing Partner, TAEL Partners took the Best Sustainability Communications Award. The Best Broadcast Interview category went to Jeffrey Lee, Founder, Embrace Funeral Services Pte Ltd. 

The winners were ascertained by judges from the Asia Pacific Association of Communications Directors (APACD), who returned for their fourth year. They were joined by the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA), and the Singapore Institute of Directors (SID).

Mark Laudi, Media Savvy Awards convenor and ex-CNBC anchor, said “As we head into the 7th year of the Media Savvy Awards, it’s become clear how deep our local talent pool of excellent presenters really is. Singaporeans and Malaysians who are still shunning the limelight are starting to catch on that public speaking appearances are essential for building your personal brand, especially for the most senior of business leaders.

Media Savvy Awards 2023, Best Hybrid Event Presentation 2023: Janice Lai, Group Director (Housing & Investment),  CPF Board, Singapore
Media Savvy Awards 2023, Best Broadcast Interview: Jeffrey Lee, Founder, Embrace Funeral Services Pte Ltd, Singapore

“The Media Savvy Awards celebrate those Singaporeans and Malaysians who lead the way with their articulate and confident presentations, both on stage and on camera. It’s time for other senior business leaders who have not yet taken the plunge to follow their example.”

Keith Morrison, President of APACD, said “Empowering Singaporeans and Malaysians to be media-savvy spokespeople is crucial for today’s communication landscape. Hearing the stories and perspectives of our leaders, hearing their authentic and diverse voices will go a long way to ensure we preserve trusted media sources.”

Tara Munis, Head of PRCA APAC, said “We are thrilled to continue our steadfast support for the Media Savvy Awards as they enter their 7th year. These awards provide a vital platform for local businesses in Singapore and Malaysia to showcase their exceptional work in the communications realm, offering an invaluable opportunity to share their stories with the wider community.

“As we eagerly anticipate this year’s entries, we remain committed to celebrating and amplifying the innovative contributions of our region’s businesses to the ever-evolving media landscape,” said Tara.

Nominations are now open for the 2024 awards in the same categories of Best Broadcast Interview, Best Online Interview, Best Hybrid Presentation and Best Sustainability Communications. You can nominate yourself or another senior business leader another Singaporean or Malaysian senior business leader by visiting

The Media Savvy Awards also unveiled its new look logo for 2024.

About Media Savvy Awards 

The Media Savvy Awards recognise local business leaders who are good orators and have excellent traditional and new media skills. Convened in 2018 by Hong Bao Media, the awards seek to encourage business leaders, entrepreneurs and founders to step up in front of the camera or on stage. 

As businesses move forward in a digital world with new media platforms, having a strong media presence and the ability to get your message across to your key stakeholders is crucial for business leaders and entrepreneurs alike.

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