RHTLaw Asia strengthens Litigation & Dispute Resolution Practice through merger with ChangAroth Chambers

SINGAPORE, Feb 1, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via SEAPRWire.com) – Singapore headquartered regional law firm RHTLaw Asia has merged with ChangAroth Chambers LLC to strengthen its Litigation & Dispute Resolution Practice with the addition of Appropriate Dispute Resolution veteran Mr Anil Changaroth and his team. Mr Changaroth has been appointed a Partner in RHTLaw Asia.

Mr Azman Jaafar, Managing Partner of RHTLaw Asia, and Mr Anil Changaroth, Partner of RHTLaw Asia [L-R]

Mr Changaroth, who is an internationally accredited mediator and arbitrator, previously managed ChangAroth Chambers’ practice with a focus on Appropriate Dispute Resolution in the areas of commercial, civil, criminal matters and corporate advisory work in particular infrastructure, building and construction projects.

Mr Changaroth, said, “The merger enables us to widen our reach with our core capabilities now complemented by RHTLaw Asia’s regional access and ONERHT’s multidisciplinary professional services. We see significant opportunities for growth in conflict avoidance and appropriate dispute resolution including with collabrative contracting in building, construction and infrastructure as projects resume post-Covid. In the ASEAN region, sustained economic growth and urbanization will boost the construction of transport and energy infrastructure as well as urban built environment projects.”

RHTLaw Asia Managing Partner, Mr Azman Jaafar, said, “We will continue to strengthen our practice through synergistic opportunities here in Singapore and the region. The talents at ChangAroth Chambers LLC are a welcome addition to our team as we roll out our new ONERHT Client UX strategy together with our core multidisciplinary capabilities.”

A multilingual advocate in facilitative and restorative justice, Mr Changaroth is an experienced conflict avoidance and dispute resolution practitioner who has represented parties from across the Asia Pacific region. With graduate certificates in Law and Technology, AI and Machine Learning, and Diversity-Equity-Inclusion, Mr Changaroth also holds a Master of Science in Construction Law and Arbitration from Kings College London and the National University of Singapore.

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