Fujitsu launches mainframe modernization automation service for the Japanese market

TOKYO, May 7, 2024 – (JCN Newswire via – Fujitsu today announced the Japan market launch of its successful modernization automation service “Fujitsu PROGRESSION,” building on a proven track of over global 50 use cases in which it migrated legacy systems to the Fujitsu mainframe “GS21 Series.”

“Fujitsu PROGRESSION” is a service that automatically converts script written in COBOL into Java or C# while preserving functionality of applications built on mainframes. It delivers modernization services for end-to-end support, from drafting migration plans based on customer systems audits, to asset migration, through to testing and operation.

“Fujitsu’s PROGRESSION” makes it possible to select the optimal migration platform, for each customers unique needs. Fujitsu contributes to the acceleration of the legacy system modernization as well as to the customer’s transition to data-driven management and the realization of DX by expanding customer options regarding migration of assets.

Features of the modernization service based on Fujitsu PROGRESSION

Fujitsu North America, Inc. has migrated legacy systems built on mainframes from other manufacturers for more than 50 customers over the past 20 years.

To help accelerate migration efforts for customers in the Japanese market, Fujitsu updated the system for Japanese language support and confirmed compatibility with Fujitsu’s GS21 Series.

1. Wide choice of mainframe migration infrastructure
“Fujitsu PROGRESSION” is not only compatible with cloud environments, but is also with on-premises environments. Since users can select either Microsoft Windows or Linux as an OS, flexible modernization can be achieved without major constraints on the selection of middleware.

2. Efficient and high-quality modernization service system
Fujitsu’s Modernization Knowledge Center has accumulated knowledge and know-how cultivated through working with customers in various industries, and has transferred FNAI’s know-how and skills in “Fujitsu PROGRESSION” and modernization.
Until 2026, Fujitsu aims to establish an organization of 500 people to propose, optimize, and deliver customer modernization projects through the recruitment and aggregation of new legacy technology-savvy, specialized engineers, both internally and externally. In cooperation with its Global Delivery Centers (GDCs) and its partner SIer and engineering companies, Fujitsu in June 2024 will further establish an engineering organization, a program to pre-register experts who are familiar with legacy engineers and to secure engineers who can respond quickly to customer projects. The organization will employ 2,000 employees to provide strong support for customer projects.

3. Providing high-quality end-to-end services from assessment to testing
After determining the assets to be migrated through a comprehensive assessment that investigates and analyzes the current system, Fujitsu experts propose a migration plan, including cost estimation and scheduling.
After automatic analysis of the COBOL source code and business logic generation according to the characteristics of the mainframe model, the program is automatically converted to a highly maintainable program according to the optimal technical structure of the destination language. In addition to these automated conversion steps, Fujitsu’s engineers will design and build the target infrastructure and test the automated converted test data and scenarios to ensure reliable and high-quality modernization.

Future Plans
Fujitsu looks forward to utilizing generative AI in system migration to automatically generate test data and test code, to further improve the efficiency of the testing process and shorten the migration period. It will also begin applying “Fujitsu PROGRESSION” to mainframes from other manufacturers in Japan. In addition to its own development, Fujitsu will strive to apply excellent services from around the world to provide a variety of options and strongly promote the modernization of its customers.

Fujitsu promotes “Road to 3X” to support aggressive modernization that forms the basis for customers’ transformation to data-driven management, and works with customers on sustainable transformation and green transformation to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

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