Flat For Flip (FFF) Intends to Expand European Real Estate Market to Asian Buyers through NFTs

From Digital to Dream Home: Win a Real Property with FFF NFT

Warsaw, Poland – April 17, 2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Flat For Flip (FFF), the First Real World Asset (RWA) on European Real Estate Market from Poland announces its intention to expand the market into international foray, especially the Asian market by launching the FFF NFTs and offering attractive prizes for new community members.

FFF NFT is not only a digital token with a value likely to grow over time, but also an alternative to traditional investment financing, easier access to foreign markets and an opportunity to establish entirely new business contacts.

The idea of using NFT for real estate purchases may seem rather unusual at first glance, however, it came about in response to the industry’s growing concerns. Inflation has been increasing rapidly in tandem with interest rates, which shrinks customers’ creditworthiness. The result is that fewer and fewer people are able to afford a loan and make timely repayments. Therefore, developers face problems in obtaining financing as well as in acquiring customers.

Investment community

Flat for Flip, with its project, seeks to address the current difficult situation in the development market and the dynamic cryptocurrency market. Through NFT, developers and investors can, for example, co-finance a project, be a lender or be a partner in a special purpose vehicle. There are numerous possibilities to be found here. Developers have a chance to access customers that are beyond their reach today. For example, to wealthy individuals who can fund their projects. To gain access to this community, all you need to do is hold one of the 7777 NFT Flat for Flip, which are available on the world’s largest NFT OpenSea exchange. These images show apartments from various European cities, and stand out with furnishings and a site-specific element that can be seen from behind the window.

The combination of the two worlds – real estate and web 3.0 – is, in its objectives, attractive to both groups. It brings together the experience, needs and knowledge of investors from various backgrounds. Those making a lot of money from digital currencies, following the recent considerable depreciations in their value, are now seeking to ‘shift’ some of their profits to a traditional business – preferably one that is as stable as possible, and real estate is recognised as such. Before that, however, even web3 experts need to learn the basics of how the industry works. Just as people from the real estate sector have no knowledge, for example, of how to set up a digital wallet and purchase cryptocurrencies, web 3.0 investors do not understand what a land and mortgage register is, how to purchase a flat and what to find out before such a purchase.

Expanding Overseas

The next stage in the development of the Polish project is to expand its offerings internationally, especially in Asia. For instance, they will be able to take part in dedicated investor conferences and will be given access to professional real estate courses not available at any other location. We are aware that there are certain barriers preventing entry into this market, so we want to make it easier for entrepreneurs to gain expertise in a user-friendly way, and for those already experienced – to broaden their horizons and educate themselves in a field they have not been familiar with before.

Having an NFT Flat For Flip also gives the opportunity to attract investors or customers from the European Union market and even other parts of the world, which means significant and unprecedented advantage for developers. At present, they carry out their investments primarily in Poland, whereas by cooperating with Flat for Flip, they are guaranteed both national and international visibility. In fact, the Internet community is multicultural by definition and many people across Europe and the world have an interest in NFT. Thus, one can reach investors who are not normally reached through housing fairs or popular online portals. Indeed, Flat for Flip itself is very well known, for example in China, and the statistics indicate that Chinese citizens are willing to invest in Polish real estate.

Attracting Asian communities for European Real-Estate Market

The Asian market holds significant importance for the FFF project’s expansion plans. Beyond targeting Chinese buyers, the project aims to engage with communities, particularly web3 users in Southeast Asia, to explore European real estate opportunities leveraging blockchain technology, specifically the FFF NFTs. Currently, the project is actively promoting its offerings in the Asian market and will soon initiate a series of outreach campaigns.

Additionally, it will provide an exclusive opportunity for Asian FFF NFT holders to participate in a contest to win a genuine European property. This pioneering initiative represents a ground-breaking fusion of Real World Assets with blockchain, offering a property as a reward for its participants.

For more info for Flat For Flip and its NFT Launch, please visit website at https://flatforflip.com/

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Brand: Flat For Flip

Contact: Marcin Bochenek

Website: https://flatforflip.com/

SOURCE: Flat For Flip

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